Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just weighed LUKE..

8 weeks old... 10 pounds!!! Of course that is with the scale at home so we will find out in a week what he really weighs.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Updated pics..

Luke is 6 weeks old in the first pictures and 7 weeks old in the 2nd set of pictures. Hannah and the Orion team won their championship game against Snowcrest. They were down 4 to 27 at half time then came back and won 39 to 33. It was the best game I had ever seen. I wanted to go home because Orion couldn't make a shot and they kept throwing the ball to Snowcrest. Boy was I so glad that I didn't leave..they did amazing and played like a team.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another reason I haven't been blogging...

Sorry that I don't have updated pictures of Luke yet.. I will this week!! I promise. I need to get them from my mom. I had my gallbladder removed last week. Yes I had surgery!! I couldn't believe that I needed it out. Who would have thought or known that it was all because of having a baby. I had an episode when I was 7 months pregnant but just thought it was the flu. Then I had another about 2 weeks ago w/a vomit fest too. I just laid in bed crying because it was hurting so bad. Remember when i said that I had a panic attack well it was a gallbladder attack. Then I had another one a week ago, same symptoms. Went into the doctor and sure enough I needed surgery that day. Well they couldn't find a surgeon to do it because they were in trama. So I needed to go to the ER!!!! Yes the emergency room...hefty bill I am sure. Then the doctor on call there couldn't find a surgeon so I laid in their uncomfortable bed for 4 hours then I was sent home with some pain meds. Finally 2 days later I was able to get it removed! Thank goodness it was just an outpatient surgery so I didn't have to stay in the hospital. Everything is going well now. I finally was able to hold Luke about 3 days. I still am in pain and can't lift things that are too heavy!!
Luke is doing amazing! I weighed him on my moms scale which showed him at 9lbs!! He has double his birth weight...yeah! We went to Hannah's championship game at weber high! Which was so intense..I'll post those pictures too. I was in a lot of pain after because we were all yelling and clapping so much but it was soooo worth it.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jessica's Baby Shower..It's a BOY

Jessica's baby shower was at my mom's house, it was the most petite shower you have ever seen. It's sad, we don't have very many people in our family and her mom and sister live in Oregon. So it was just a few of us! But we mingled and had a great time eating!

Here is our diaper cake that we made, I thought it turned out pretty good considering we had never done it before!!

The yummy food... My mom made the amazing salad it had chicken, apples, pineapples, almonds, bowtie noodles and poppy seed dressing. (I think that's all)

Tawnee, Grandma, Stacey, Donna and Jessica

Abby and Emmy loved helping Jessica with her presents..

Hmmm..which one is actually pregnant?? Jared or Jessica...

Jessica, you look so dang cute!! Jessica's baby is breach with his butt in the birth canal. He is already a crazy little boy!

Why I haven't been blogging...

These past few weeks have been crazy in our home.
In between Luke's doctor appointments my mom and I threw my cousin Jessica a baby shower, made these way cute Book of Mormon books for her relief society (although they are cute I never want to do that again they were taking over our lives). Then I got really sick with a cough, fever and sore throat. Randy was also sick but he only got the yucky nose part! I was trying so hard to stay away from Luke but still nurse him so his body would get the antibodies that my body was producing. Then my cousin had her baby! His name is Zander Scot Bowen, so dang cute. It was horrible I couldn't hold him :( so I was the photographer. Well then Luke got sick!! We took him into the doctor and sure enough he has RSV however the child loves his food and weighed in at 8 pounds. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad, we didn't have to go back into the hospital so that's a plus. A few days ago I was throwing up for some reason and felt horrible. I told Randy that I would rather be going thru labor again. Randy got all the way to work that morning and then I had to have him come back because I could be around Luke. That's all the poor kid needs is to be throwing up. Well Randy came home and then I had a panic attack, wow the scariest thing I have ever been thru. I felt like the room was really small, I couldn't breath or talk and I was in so much pain. Randy just sat there because he didn't know what to do, scary for both of us.
On a positive note, I am finally feeling better!! Luke is feeling much better, still has a little bit in his nose but not coughing or fevering!! Randy is doing well, tired from taking care of us. Thanks Randy for all that you do, I don't know what Luke and I would have done without you. I am so grateful that we got all the sicknesses out of the way because I am returning to work in just over a week:( (that's a negative).