Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here is Luke..

Luke is sucking on his toes! Everytime we have our ultrasounds he his doing something funny. He either has is toes in his mouth or his legs are over his head. He is a very flexible baby. Luke is growing very well and is almost weighing in at 2lbs. I am feeling him move all the time now, I love it. I am starting to have a hard time getting comfortable at night, but once I have then I am good to go.

Christmas Lights..

Randy put our christmas lights on the house a few weeks ago. I think this is the first year that we weren't the last ones on our street to put lights up. Also we did it before it snowed so Randy wouldn't be risking his life putting them on the house. Now I just need to decorate the rest of my house.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I love halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I was fortunate to have it off this year. Randy and I went trick or treating with the kids. Then we drove to Salt Lake where we went to a haunted house with his family. I love haunted houses, this was one of the best ones I have ever been too.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Utah Game

The end of September we went to a Utah Game, we took Hannah and Caden with us. I had never been to a Utah game before so it was so exciting. I loved watching all of the people. There was a fan that wouldn't stop yelling at the crowd until we all stood up. He was definately crazy. Utah is Randy's favorite team so he was enjoying himself.

Matt and Ashley Frye (8/30)

3 months later I am finally blogging this special day with our amazing friends Matt and Ashley. They met thru some friends and dated for a short time then got engaged and here they are now. Matt and Ashley are living in St. George in a cute home. They are thinking about moving up to Salt Lake, which I hope they do. I don't know how either of them could live up here they are from the vegas area. Matt always says how cold it is up here when its 70 degrees outside.. We love you both and hope you do decide to come up here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Marine Wedding (Sep 19, 2008)

I know this post is a little out of date but I wanted to remember this special day for my cousin Eric and Julie. They actually got married about a year ago in a court house before Eric left to Iraq. Then they decided to have a ceremony and reception so the family could be there and they could have a normal wedding. We are so happy Eric made it back to America in one piece and so proud of him that he served our country for about 10 months. Love you Eric..

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Picking a Name...

Thanks for all of your participation with the poll. I was hoping all of you like Lucas Scott.. it's my favorite. The only down fall is I don't want my child to think he is named after the Lucas Scott in One tree hill. However, that wouldn't be so bad since he is cute guy!!