Sunday, June 28, 2009

VIVA Las Vegas..

We went to Las Vegas for a funeral.. my grandpa passed away suddenly. So this was Luke's 1st trip away from how that was longer than 2 hours. It was so hot, 102 degrees mostly everyday. Luke was so sweaty!! We didn't go on the strip but swimming and visiting family. My grandpa was buried in the veteran cemetery, they had a very nice service for him. Luke was very loud during the service, I wonder if he knew what was going on because he is hardly ever loud and cranky. We visited our friends Matt and Ashley. We stayed with them in St. George, it was so much fun. Luke was such a great boy on the way down that we are going again in a few weeks. Matt and Ashley's girls loved Luke, they couldn't keep their hands off of him. Here is a fun slide of our trip..