Monday, August 17, 2009

Hannah's Softball Tourny

Hannah is playing softball again this year... she is so good at it. She plays 1st base most of the time. This time the tourny was in Spanish Fork. We stayed in a hotel down there for the weekend. Their team took 6th out of 30 teams. Not too shabby...

Jared got lost on his way there... Hilarious. He is the one that explained to all of us how to get there. He ended up at the wrong hotel by University Mall, ran into construction, took back roads then got lost. He didn't get to us until midnight the first night. We had all been there for hours.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

St. George baby!!

We miss St. George so much!! We have so many friends still down there... Matt and Ashley are the ones we get to see the most. Their girls are so cute and just love Luke. We went to Ashley's family reunion at their cabin. It was so nice and beautiful there. Luke went on his first 4 wheeler ride...of course he fell asleep. They have this rhino thing that is way cool where you can sit in it like a car. Luke also loved that and fell asleep:)

6 months old!!

Luke is already 6 months old. Not sure where my time has gone. So much has happened this last month! This was 3 weeks ago... Luke weighs 18.5 pounds, 27 inches long (that was at his doctors appt). Luke isn't sitting up yet or even rolling over. I know of babies much younger than him that are. He is so laid back just like his mommy and daddy. I didn't start walking until I was 14 months old. Luke is eating baby food. He loves peas, bananas, pears, squash and sweet potatoes. I love that his is not very picky. He makes funny faces when we switch the food but then realizes how hungry he is and just scarfs it down. Luke is recognizing mom and dad even more. He loves his thumb and binky! He also loves his aunties and unclies. Caden will just look at him and he starts laughing! He is a busy boy because are always on the go.. he will sleep and eat anywhere. Luke spends lots of him with grandma and grandpa (which he loves all of them so much).

It was over, he wanted more... but then he was happy for the bottle.