Monday, April 14, 2008

Attention Bates Family...

So this post is super late but I still think it's hilarious..hope you enjoy!!

Look who followed us to Florida...

Can you believe how much this kid looks like Tyler?? Randy and I were freaking out. We were on a Safari ride and while trying to "take pictures of the animals" we were actually taking pictures of this kid. It was pretty funny! Randy got caught by the dad because Randy was taking pictures of him while the animals were on the other side of the boat. Yeah..pretty interesting. I thought you all would love it!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Universal Studios & SeaWorld

Wow..I finally had a few minutes to post a few more pictures of our trip which was actually in January (man I am on the ball).

I absolutely love Sea World. We watched the shows, pet the dolphins and rode the 2 rides they have. Once again Randy wasn't able to touch the dolphins, every time we go he tries to pet them but they always swim away. It's the funniest thing ever!! All the shows were really good except the freaky bird/dolphin show. They were people dressed as birds and flying everywhere..all I wanted to see was more of the dolphins. But I guess it's not my show!!

Universal was fun..Haylee performed in the Disaster film. Which was so funny..I couldn't stop laughing. She was screaming and thrashing about. Hilarious!!