Friday, January 11, 2008

We are finally done moving

We have finally moved into our new house. Unfortunately I don't have pictures right now, so I'll post them soon. We don't have internet so that's why I haven't posted anything in a month!! But I promise as soon as I get it there will be more. Randy and I are loving our new house, it's in south ogden. We haven't been to our new ward yet but we will be going this sunday. I have met some of our neighbors, they are very nice. Some of them helped Randy and I get out of snowy driveway. I couldn't believe that we got 18 felt like a lot more than that. I got stuck going out of the driveway and couldn't make it to work then Randy got stuck on our street. For some reason they don't plow our streets until late at night...kinda frustrating. The one thing that worked out is it forced us to get to know our neighbors. Well I just wanted to let you know that we are officially home's kinda crazy. I miss my town house but I can't wait to start painting and getting the house put together. YEAH